Communications and Events Internship/Junior


Mission: The Communications & Events Manager team is responsible for the successful planning and execution of communications projects related to branding, digital marketing, communications and events. The team supports EMEA-wide corporate image enhancement and sponsorship initiatives on social and media platforms to amplify the brand’s public image and to create a strong brand identity. Defines and implements corporate communication strategy to both external and internal stakeholders.


– Lead the design of marketing campaigns to maintain a positive brand experience for customers, prospects, and employees.

– Collect, understand and fulfill branding requests from other departments in the company and lead the re-branding process of acquired companies in EMEA.

– Conduct regular market research, monitor changes in consumer behavior on the web, and conduct competitive intelligence on competitor positioning and tools used.

– Constantly update on the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement.

– Implement communications strategies to increase the value and performance of Berlin Packaging EMEA’s position in the marketplace.

– Manage internal company communications (memos, newsletters, etc.) and also external communications, drafting content for the company website and mass media, also managing relationships with the different stakeholders involved.

– Organize initiatives and plan events or press conferences.


– Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field

– Excellent knowledge of social media and website dynamics and practices

– High creativity in identifying target audiences and designing digital campaigns that engage, inform and motivate

– Excellent analytical and planning skills

– Strong results orientation

– Relational and networking skills

– Knowledge of key IT tools

– Excellent knowledge of the English language

Azienda: Berlin Packaging


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