Make sure you invest in the future of your board with a solution which supports governance best practices. Working faster, smarter and achieving more for the organization you manage is much easier when you use board management software built to function in the same way that boards work.

Boards’ inability to understand and monitor communications is the primary reason for poor performance. Board portals aid in these issues by providing a clear delineation of communications and keeping all notes, documents, and actions in one central place. Board-approved solutions also offer a high-level of security and encryption. (Not low-bit or free encryption).

A well-selected solution will also assist you in improving governance by encouraging good practice, such as setting a time discussion limit during meetings and adding health and safety-related topics on agendas. A reputable vendor will provide training, support for customers, and have a history of release of new product improvements to meet the changing demands for governance.

Test the capabilities of a software for managing boards solution by forming an entire team that polls everyone involved in the current board cycle to identify their pain points and to find solutions. If possible, conduct an entire board session using the current and the new solution to make the most of your analysis. Find a solution that is flexible enough to allow the inclusion of additional groups such as working groups and committees and that can offer an extensive permission management system to ensure that the members of the group only see what they’re supposed to.