The right digital tools can make huge differences in the success of your virtual meeting. The right software can streamline your board reporting and facilitate efficient meetings and assist in making better decisions through providing clear and actionable business intelligence.

When evaluating digital tools for free for meetings with boards Look for tools that have been built with specific requirements in mind and are tightly integrated into your business’s workflows and delivery methods. You can evaluate features until you’re exhausted however, it’s crucial to be aware of the outcomes that are most important for your business.

Look for tools that offer an all-inclusive solution for managing your board and will handle everything from board meeting planning and execution to comprehensive recording and minute-taking capabilities. This will ensure that your board is provided with the complete solution to improve your revenue operations and empower you to take an even more strategic approach to help your company achieve financial success.

A whiteboard for remote team collaboration and an online document editing tool, and others are just a few of the best digital tools you can use for the creation of a board. Mural and Miro for instance are rated as the top two whiteboard tools for remote team collaboration, and both have a wide range of workshop and meeting templates for collaborative idea generation and brainstorming.

Another excellent tool for a remote team is Coggle, which is an easy and fun app that lets users create a visual mind map in real-time, with their team members. It’s also simple to use, with no requirement for additional applications or programs and is an excellent tool to collaborate visually.