In 2024, BBQ will be a sophisticated cooking method that combines traditional cooking and innovative. From the incorporation of eco-friendly practices and global exploration to adopting technology, these trends reflect the trend towards sustainable cooking methods, flavor fusion, and social engagement.

For instance, a new breed of barbecue evangelists have taken the art of BBQ to a completely new level. These innovators are turning BBQ into more than a backyard tradition by adding new flavors to classic recipes and creating new marinades. They’re changing how people enjoy BBQ in their favorite restaurants, and are helping the food industry develop innovative solutions that appeal to the modern-day consumer.

Furthermore, as environmental awareness grows, more and consumers are turning to plant-based protein to satisfy their BBQ cravings. This has led to the development of meat substitutes that allow consumers to experience the best barbeque recipes without sacrificing their vegan or vegetarian diets. These new innovations are also driving the growth of grill centric fast-food chain that feature innovative recipes, mashups and fusions of traditional cuts such as portobello or brisket “burnt ends.”

Modern technology makes grilling a much simpler process. For instance the smart sous vide devices allow you to track the temperature of your meats and keep an eye on the amount of propane used. In addition, there are a wide variety of smartphone-compatible apps that can help you cook your meats to perfection.