Main Responsibilities

–  Definition of technical specifications and detailed Antennas operative requirements and development of Radiating Elements solutions for Radar/communication systems
–  Planning and follow-up of activities during all the phases of Antenna development and life cycle in compliance with programme and product requirements
–  Drafting of technical documentation (TS, PR, TR,…) according to present  procedures
–  Validation/characterization of Antennas in Anechoic Chamber/Near field Test Range. Reverse engineering capabilities and performances analysis to evaluate out of spec, redesign, and develop final solutions
–  Electromagnetic simulation of installed antenna pattern and EM interoperability evaluation

Technical Requirements

–  Knowledge of Antennas Theory, Phased Array Synthesis, Ultra-Wide Band Antenna Design techniques for Radar and Communication applications. Knowledge of Electromagnetic Propagation principles
–  Good knowledge of Computation Electromagnetics commercial Tools: CST (Microwave Studio), Ansys HFSS, FEKO, Ansys Designer, SAVANT
–  Good knowledge of far field Antenna Measurement in Anechoic Chamber and Near Field Test Range. S-parameters Measurements (Network Analyzer, Power Meter, RF Generator etc…)
–  Knowledge of Matlab tool for data processing and Labwiev for Measurement automatization


Master’s Degree in Telecommunication, or Electronics, specializing in UWB Antenna Design, Computational Electromagnetics, Phased Array Design, Electromagnetic Propagation

Azienda: Elt Group


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