Main Responsibilities

– Definition of Technical specifications, hardware requirements and implementations for digital designs targeting FPGAs (SoC)
– Planning and follow-up of activities during all the phases of Hardware and Firmware development and life cycle in compliance with programme and product requirements
– Project scheduling and report writing with respect to the Company internal rules, normative procedures and deadlines
– Responsible for Hardware and Firmware requirements analysis, design, test, integration and validation activities
– Design methodologies based on the reuse of Intellectual Properties (IPs)

Technical Requirements

– Programming and Scripting Languages: C/C++, TCL, Python, shell-scripts
– Knowledge of RTL design and verification methodologies, HDL code (VHDL, Verilog), pre/post synthesis simulations, Static Timing Analysis
– Knowledge of Model Based design methodologies (Matlab Simulink, System Generator, DSP Builder, HDL Coder)
– Knowledge of Intel and Xilinx FPGA Architectures, design Suites (Vivado/Quartus) and state-of-the-art design flows
– Knowledge of Digital Signal Processing for Radar applications
– Knowledge of Analogue /Digital Communications Principles (Modulation, Coding… )
– Knowledge of main bus and electrical standards/protocols for digital communication (i.e. uart, high speed serdes, rs485/422, arinc, I2C, SPI, PCIe, VME, OpenVPX)
– Knowledge of laboratory instrumentation (Oscilloscope, Logic State Analizer/Patter Generator, Signal Generator, Power Meter, VNA) and measurement theory for the verification of stand-alone electronic boards and devices

Master Degree (PhD preferred) in Electronics Engineering or Telecommunication specializing in Digital Design Engineering, Embedded Systems, Integrated systems architectures.

Azienda: Elt Group


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