Junior Data & Analytics Consultant | Torino

In KPMG big data have little secrets.


Lighthouse is a KPMG Advisory centre of excellence delivering an array of data & analytics solutions.

Bolstered by frontier technologies and a host of skills shared across the globe, the members of KPMG Advisory’s Data & analytics team are tasked with enhancing human decisions through analytics and machine learning technologies.

We have received prestigious international accolades for our ability to interpret and manage data. As a member of the Data Analytics team, you will have the opportunity to define and implement the best solutions on the market, with access to the wealth of knowledge shared among our centres of excellence around the world. By combining your expertise and technical experience in computer science, mathematics and statistics with your business knowledge and experience, you will be able to design and develop new predictive analytical solutions, often by integrating and correlating multiple factors presenting and sharing them professionally and competently.


In this business-oriented, technologically innovative environment, your work will range from data science to data engineering, with a healthy dose of information design and data visualisation. You will learn to:

  • design databases for analytical purposes;
  • analyse and integrate data sources;
  • design KPIs and the most efficient calculation frameworks;
  • analyse, design and implement reporting models and monitoring dashboards;
  • analyse business processes and design analytical support models;
  • implement analytical solutions, support the go-live and handle application maintenance.


The ideal candidate must have:

  • an ability to combine business skills with IT expertise;
  • data modelling skills;
  • a degree in business, mathematics, mathematical engineering, statistics, computer engineering, engineering management or computer science;
  • an interest in business intelligence/data & analytics;
  • excellent knowledge of English, preferably with study and/or work experience abroad;
  • excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office;
  • knowledge of at least one of the following databases: Oracle/SQLServer/PostgreSQL;
  • knowledge of SQL;
  • knowledge of programming languages is an advantage.


You are a problem solver and never lose sight of your goals. You have strong interpersonal skills and are a team player. Your motivation and enthusiasm inspire confidence and empower change. You enjoy taking on challenges and are comfortable in fast-changing situations where your leadership abilities make the difference.

In today’s increasingly complex and interconnected world, clients need to transform and adapt ever more rapidly. At KPMG Advisory, we focus on the main drivers of change: strategies, corporate finance, organisational processes and models, technological platforms, risk management and organisational change. Our work is uniquely challenging given its scope, complexity and importance. You will experience disruptive technologies and set the new standards that impact their security. You will have access to global opportunities and the possibility of gaining skills and expertise that will help you reach your goals.

Job Location: Torino
Azienda: KPMG


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